Provide clinicians with the “means” and all the necessary information to tailor treatment and care delivery pathway to each and any HNC patient during their usual practice, in contrast to current “one-size-fits-all approach”. Learn more

Our Strategy

We aim to a Decision Support System that groups together multiscale clinical information and prognostic models into visualization tools.

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Multidisciplinary Effort

12 organisations from 6 different European countries bring together their skills, expertise and resources to develop the project platform.

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Innovative Results

The platform integrates a number of technologies through a modular, loosely coupled, and flexible SOA-based approach.

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Addressing Clinical needs

Employ real life use cases to validate the platform development for future use in clinical research, through prognostic models.

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Our deliveries

Browse through innovative research and development and learn more about the BD2Decide work in our public deliverables

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Stay informed on our progress through announcements on achievements and presentations to related events.

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