BD2Decide has published deliverable “D2.1 User needs and use cases”, that presents the user needs and requirements for the Project’s technical and scientific infrastructure.

The document, which downloadable from the Downloads page, is a great opportunity to discover in more detail the overall rationale of the Project and to understand what are the most innovative approaches that will be experimented.

In particular, readers most interested in the applicative aspects of our endeavour may want to read Sections 1-3 (pages 10-54) that offer:

  • A general introduction to the BD2Decide concepts and usage in clinical practice and an overview of the related clinical workflow
  • An overview of users' needs, subdivided by user categories
  • The use cases which will guide system development and validation. They are examples of usual clinical activities as they will be impacted by the application of the BD2Decide DSS platform

Technical readers, may be more interested in Sections 4 and 5 (pages 55-58) that provide information concerning specific needs relating to data security, data access, data preservation and privacy, data maintenance, as well as in Section 6 (pages 58-88) that reports about technical use cases.

Have a pleasant and fruitful reading!

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