On May 24th 2018, BD2Decide's Partner UPM has participated in an event organized by Hospital Clínico San Carlos in Madrid about the Ethics, Oncology and Society. The presentations and round tables were carried out by multidisciplinary professionals such as phycologists, oncologists, nurses, physicians, hospital pharmacologist and patients.

UPM brought to the table the point of view and expertise of BD2Decide, concluding that that the main aspects discussed at the workshop are aligned on what the Project is pursuing. In paticular:

  • First, it was highlighted the relevance of including the context information of the patient (e.g. environmental and behavioral data), as BD2Decide is doing with the population data that it is collecting.
  • SSecond, the workshop highlighted the relevance of the tumor board committees, the difficulties in arranging this type of meetings and also the complications when coming to an agreement on the treatment decision for a patient, all aspects directly addressed by BD2Decide
  • Finally, it was also discussed the importance of involving patients in the selection of treatment. To achieve that, the main aspects to be addressed are: 1) the patient education, and 2) the communication between the healthcare professionals with the patient. A patient, who participated in the round table, stated that there are a lot of platforms that provides information about the cancer treatments, but that it will be much better to have a personalized application that the clinician can provide and recommend to patients. Hence, the relevance of having tools such as the IPDA component developed within BD2Decide.


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