Partner UNIPR, jointly with the University Hospital of Parma, organized a workshop to present to physicians, researchers and patients in Italy, the results of its research projects on cancer, including BD2Decide.

The title of the workshop, that took place on September 30th, 2016 in Parma, was: "La ricerca scientifica spiegata ai pazienti. Nuove frontiere terapeutiche nella cura dei tumori del cavo orale".

More than 60 persons attended, of which 10 patients, 20 specializing physicians, oncologists, radiologists, GPs and dentists operating in the territory, who are the first line between patients and cancer centres.

Presentations were given by Prof. Poli, Dr. Rossi and Dr. Lanfranco.

In particular, Prof. Poli provided an overall vision for Oral Cavity Cancer management and a history of relevant endeavours by the UNIPR, starting from the initial research conducted in EU Funded NeoMark project to the ongoing extension of OraMod, to the Horizion2020 Grant BD2Decide.

Patients and clinicians participated in a short debate.

The workshop was the occasion to promote the BD2Decide platform and to involve patients in their treatment pathway.

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