MultiMed Engineers (MME) is an innovative start-up based in Parma (Italy) developing and managing research and innovation initiatives in technology intensive sectors. Its strength is based on the diverse skills and expertise offered by its multidisciplinary pool of professionals, that compose the core partnership of the company. MME helps customers to re-imagine their businesses and operations, making the most out of innovative and pervasive technologies, that are becoming available at an ever faster pace. Although MME can confidently address multiple technology areas, the following ones are those where the outstanding competences and proven track record of its partnership makes the company a superior choice with respect to the competition:

  • Digital technology applications, including requirement elicitation; incremental and behavior driven development; cloud-based development; online communities development, management and curation; online content curation; implementation of services on major modern technology platforms and languages (e.g. PHP with MySQL; Ruby on Rails with Postgresql, Cucumber, Rspec, Sass and Haml; Java EE with JPA and JavaServerFaces; Angular and JavaScript).
  • Biotechnology and biomedical applications, including planning, designing, and managing targeted research projects, providing know-how and consultancy for protocol definition, clinical record form implementation and monitoring for clinical studies, quality control and data analysis relating to clinical and molecular studies with special expertise on multivariate models and high-throughput data mining.

Role in BD2Decide

MME will be involved in Task 8.3 (Health technology and assessment of the usability of the system) – in which it will cooperate to the system technical validation, with respect to adherence to users' needs, level of integration, standardization, interoperability, security, and other functional and non-functional characteristics – and in Workpackage 9 (Exploitation strategy and actions for maximizing project impact) – in which it will coordinate the project’s exploitation and communication strategy.

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Franco Mercalli


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