Two principles inspire the project implementation: realize innovative solutions for users engagement and produce scientific and clinical evidence of the efficacy and quality of the system.

The workplan structure is realised through different targets, which are pursued through the integration of IT, advance mathematics and statistics, graphics applied to IT solutions and clinical research. These targets are achieved in two phases, which integrate the work of the different workpackages, as shown below:

WP structure

Phase 1. Development of the IT system

WP2: Definition and consolidation of technical and functional requirements.

WP3: Development and integration of imaging and radiomic tools for non-invasive patient-specific tumor characterization.

WP4: Creation of a HNC prognostic models library and of reasoning techniques for models association to patient's and tumor sub-types.

WP5: Design and development of user-engaging visual data representations (Virtual Patient) and of users interaction tools (physician-physician and physician-patient) for collaborative decision making

WP6: Big Data Infrastructure and data analytics tools implementation and integration

WP7: Clinical data and biological samples collection through a multicentric clinical study in 7 hospitals (5 participating centres and two subcontracted hospitals for DIETINT), for the refinement of models

Phase 2. Validation by evidence, system optimization and qualification for market

WP8: Overall assessment of project scientific value, clinical effectiveness and socio-economic impacts:

  • Clinical assessment: measurement of clinical effectiveness and organizational advantages and of the impacts on treatment decisions and on clinical guidelines refinement
  • Technology and impacts assessment, and consolidation of value proposition and market positioning.

WP9: Demonstration and publication of scientific results and definition of partners exploitation and business plans.

A strong Coordination in WP1 will supervise on the achievement of these targets.