The University of Parma includes twelve faculties, 39 First Degree courses, 37 Advanced Degree courses, 6 one-cycle Degree courses. The University hosts also a CNR centre. The Faculty of Medicine, is hosted within the Parma University Hospital. The Faculty of Medicine will participate in BD2Decide with the Department of Biomedical Biotechnological and Translational Sciences-S.Bi.Bi.T., which includes the Biomedical Sciences unit, the Pathology unit and the Maxillo-Facial surgery section, with the COMT Unit including the Center for Molecular and Translational Oncology and with the Radiology unit. The Maxillo-Facial surgery unit provides treatment of traumas, malformations (both congenital and acquired) and tumors of the head and neck. Approximately 200 cancer patients per year are treated with minor or major surgery.The Department is currently leading the FP7-611425 OraMod project on Oral Cavity Cancer.

Role in BD2Decide

The University of Parma contributes to the Clinical and Scientific Research and validation of BD2Decide. The University Faculty of Medicine contributes with the know-how of radiologists and pathologists to the clinical study execution and to the collection of retrospective and prospective patients' data.

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Prof. Marco Vitale


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