This deliverable is the second one of WP5 and aims to present a first approach for the conceptual visualisation of the BD2Decide platform prototype. The deliverable builds on top of the work in the user interaction design in task 2.2 and implements the last steps of the usability design phase in user centric design process that the project follows in order to develop the BD2Decide components.
In order to ensure that the development of the clinical decision support processes and the researchers’ tasks are in line with the expectations of the target BD2Decide end users, in this document, we elaborate on the mock-ups, which implement a conceptual visualisation flow of the project outcome. The result of this process should be a set of screens that implement the initial sketches of the user interaction design, presented in task 2.2 and exhibit a conceptual representation of the main tasks that the end users will execute through the use of the Clinical Decision Support System and the Visual Analytics Tool.
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