D5.3: The BD2Decide visualisation mock-ups

This document informs on Deliverable D5.3, which is a demonstrator. The main part of the deliverable illustrates a set of functional mock-ups of the two main tools of the BD2Decide platform, namely:

  • the Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS), which supports clinicians in making...
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D9.6: Dissemination materials – second release

This document presents the diverse materials that are intended to support the Project communication plan and strategy, as presented in Deliverable 9.3.

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D9.3: Communications plan and strategy - second release

This document is the second release of delverable D9.2. In addition to the content present in the previous release, a new section has been included in order to report about the results of the communication activities conducted by the Consortium in the period M1-M18 (Juanuary 2016 to June 2017)....

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D5.4: The IPDA prototype

This document describes the Interactive Patient co-Decision Aid (IPDA) tool, a web-based application aimed at collaborative decision-making (among patient and caring physician) concerning cancer treatment. The current application is aimed at larynx cancer patients, for whom several treatment...
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D3.2: Tumor and lymphnode segmentation features

This deliverable is the second one of WP3 and describes the work done in WP3.2. This deliverable will give insight into the algorithms developed and used, as well as some reasoning about paths taken and decisions made, in the course of this work package.
The novel tumor...
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D7.2: Collected population data

This document describes the population data that will be collected at National and EU level to complement patients' longitudinal data derived from data collection of the retrospective and prospective cohorts enrolled by BD2Decide clinical centres. These data are being collected and provided to...

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D2.3: System architecture

The purpose of this deliverable is to describe the architecture of the BD2Decide system, along with the presentation of the different system components, including the data repositories, the user interfaces and the analysis models. UML and data flow diagrams are presented for each...
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D5.2: The BD2Decide visualisation mock-ups concepts

This deliverable is the second one of WP5 and aims to present a first approach for the conceptual visualisation of the BD2Decide platform prototype. The deliverable builds on top of the work in the user interaction design in task 2.2 and implements the last steps of the usability design...
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D1.2: Ethics report

This deliverable describes the actions applied to the BD2Decide project to guarantee compliance to all Ethics aspects concerned with the project execution and the management of the clinical study,
It contains:
  • A summary of the application scope.
  • ...
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D2.2: User interaction sketches

This deliverable is the second one of WP 2 and stands upon the user requirements to sketch the design of the interactions expected between the BD2Decide actors and the ICT environment. The work, which is presented in this deliverable, strongly relates to the user centric design process that the...

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D9.5: Dissemination materials – first release

This document presents the diverse materials that are intended to support the Project communication plan and strategy, as presented in Deliverable 9.2.

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D5.1: Multilayer data acquisition and management services

This document describes the data management layer of the BD2Decide environment. More specifically, it builds upon the user needs and presents the data requirements with respect to the collection, analysis, management and visualisation of the BD2Decide information.

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D9.2: Communication plan and strategy

This document illustrates the communication actions that are being enacted by the BD2Decide Consortium in order to effectively reach all actors categories targeted by the Project, with timely information on the status of the research endeavour and its results.

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D9.1: Project web site

The aim of this document is to act as supplementary reference material, when using the BD2Decide Web Site. It analyses the structure and the contents of the Web Site, which comprise a key means for the dissemination and communication activities of the project.

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D2.1: User needs and use cases

This document describes the users' needs and the operational environments where the BD2Decide Decision Support System shall be used. It includes the specifications of the data to be managed, the functionalities, operations, restrictions and mandatory requirements from the users side and from the...

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D1.1: Quality Plan and Risk Assessment

The pupose of this document is to guide the Consortium partners throughout the project, in order to enact appropriate work processes and procedures that ensure quality, prevent and address risks and measure the achieved levels of quality for the project results, with respect to the original...

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